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If I can make one person smile, and they can make one person smile, then soon enough you have a world of smiles.

- Dominic Franchella

A Passion For Making People Happy

Our dealer principal, Dominic Franchella, didn't intend to own a dealership. In fact, out of a love of learning and desire to help people, he intended to be a teacher. Dom got a job as a car dealer to make ends meet, but ended up making a life from it.

Nowadays, Dominic still teaches (and learns!)—just not in a classroom. His passion for making people happy run throughout Stamford Ford. It's our vision to help people, whether in the dealership or out in the community.

At Stamford Ford, we show exceptional care and empathy to everyone, and hopefully make lots of smiles for all who grace our doorway.

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Our Values Guide Our Service Daily


We believe in being honest, no matter what. Whether it's good news or bad, being honest is the most important thing to do.


We try to understand where everyone's coming from, offering empathy and grace to our customers just like we would a family member.


We tailor the experience to each guest's needs. We speak to them how they want to be spoken to, and offer a boutique experience to all.

Better Relationships Take Better Service

Friendly Sales

Fast Service

Concierge Experience

What Does This Mean for You?

Buying a car often brings stress and anxiety. For many people, nothing is worse than visiting a typical car dealership, where they only get more stress and poor treatment.

Stamford Ford is unlike those dealerships that only focus on the bottom line. We are a family-owned, community-minded business. As one of the leading Ford dealers in the country, we can do things other dealers can't or won't. We don't treat people like customers; we treat them like family. Our exceptional staff, service, and facilities create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone.


Friendly Sales

From our easy, no-pressure sales to complimentary loaners and service pickup and delivery, everything we do is geared toward making things easier for you, our valued guest and customer.


Fast Service

Stamford Ford has created an automotive process centered on you. Here, you can custom order a vehicle to your exact specifications. Or, you can easily browse our inventory and complete a purchase online.


Concierge Experience

We truly believe that when you focus on helping people, you can go beyond good business and do great things for the community. Stamford Ford's vision is to offer the highest level of care to everyone, in and out the dealership

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