Service Loaner Shortage



To all our loyal and valued customers,

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.  We are still facing the greatest new vehicle supply shortage in history due to a shortage of microchips that are used to produce all vehicles.

We were hopeful that this would improve by now, but unfortunately this has lasted longer than anticipated.  Our normal loaner fleet consists of 50 Fords and 30 Lincolns, but due to this shortage we only have a combined 5 vehicles available.  We are aware that this affects the servicing of your vehicle and are working diligently to accommodate you as best as we can with the resources available. 

We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are hopeful this will improve in the next few months and will continue to update you.

We are still dedicated to providing you the best Customer Service possible during this time.  Again, thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Dominic Franchella

President & CEO